Clear Bra Installation Service

San Diego Clear Bra Installation Service

Clear Bra Installation

Love your car’s paint job? We do too. Help protect your car’s paint against the worst with our professional Clear Bra Installation Service at Lang Nissan of Mission Bay Collision Center. Whether it be your whole vehicle or may just more sensitive areas that are likely to be damaged, our collision center can do it all with the best clear bra installation options.

What is Clear Bra?

The purpose of clear bra is to offer the most resilient film protection against paint chipping and damage. The clear bra film is a thick and an unnoticeable protective film designs to protect against all road threats in daily life:

  • Gravel
  • Rocks
  • Bugs
  • Minor collisions and dinks 

Clear Bra Installation Process

The film is able to be applied to any painted surface on your car and to fit any shape, even the harder spots like your hood, mirrors and bumpers. Depending on how much clear bra is needed or wanted and the areas it is being applied to, the installation process can take between three to five hours to complete and an additional 30 days for it to fully set. We understand that waiting around the collision center all day is not the most ideal scenario, and invite our guests to take advantage of our comfortable customer lounge.

Clear Bra Maintenance Tips

Because this is a layer of film going over your car paint and it has a relatively long setting period, we recommend the following maintenance tips to ensure it stays looking as new and clear as possible:

  • Refrain from mechanical car washes for at least two weeks
  • If you need to clean it, use a gentle soap
  • Do not use any kinds of aggressive chemicals – best rule of thumb is to just not touch it with anything unless it is a gentle soap, out of necessity 
  • Films like this are susceptible to water spotting, be careful when using hard water in areas that the sun can bake the spots on to your car
Drivers all around San Diego trust and prefer the certified team at Lang Nissan of Mission Bay Collision Center to ensure their vehicle is back on the road looking and performing as it did before the accident. Our team is filled with highly knowledgeable service advisors and certified technicians who use only genuine OEM parts and products when working on your car. When you bring your car in for service and repairs, you know your car will be leaving looking like new.


  • I-CAR Tech
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 98.6% C.S.S.
  • We Work with all Insurance
  • New Remodeled Building
  • 37,000 Sq Ft
  • Secure Storage
  • Nissan Certified
  • Locally Owned
  • 5 Day Turnaround Time

Lang Nissan Collision Center

Lang Nissan at Mission Bay Collision Center has got advanced collision repair equipment and repair processes. It is now possible to recapture the original factory look and feel of a car or truck after a collision. When you trust your vehicle’s repairs to Lang Nissan at Mission Bay Collision Center, we guarantee quality workmanship and attention to every detail.

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